Exposure Diagram
I haven’t been impressed with the exposure triangle diagrams I’ve seen on the Web so I decided to make my own.  Then after working on it for a while I realized that though there are 3 variables, they’re not directly related in a “triangle” so the whole exposure triangle concept is misleading.  With input from a couple other photographers I eventually came up with a diagram I think is much better.  I like to think of it as a whole chapter on basic exposure crammed into one picture.

Kelvin Scale
As long as I was at it I did my own color temperature chart as well.
Kelvin Scale


Why only photographs reveal the Auroras true colors
Good explanation.

Thom Hogan On Tripods
This is the definitive article first written in 2003 and periodically updated since.  I’ve followed this path almost exactly however, since I’ve kept the Manfrotto as a backup/2nd camera mount, I don’t feel I’ve really wasted any money.


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