Monthly Archives: October 2016

Ray Of Light

A break in the clouds opening up just right to catch the gold.

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Found the spot

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This is a small spot of fall color from the Tetons last month.

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Spearfish Falls

This is from my layover on the way to the Tetons.

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Looking out

Peeking out through the trees.

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Spearfish Canyon Stop

This is just a pretty little stop along Spearfish Canyon Road.

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So why even bother with the sign and what’s with the tourist welcome sign in the background?

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Here’s a couple wildlife shots from a Panasonic bridge camera I brought along for its telephoto reach. There’s a stealth moose a crowd chased until it chased us and an elk I stopped for on my way home.

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Feeling Blue

I really like how the moon seems to be rising between the clouds instead of behind them.  This is from Signal Mountain looking out over the valley away from the Tetons.  

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Morning light

The water wasn’t smooth enough for great reflections but the sunrise light on the mountains was great.

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