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I’ve been very inactive here lately.  I got my storefront up and running at and then really didn’t do much photography in 2021.  I have a few pictures I can get up hopefully soon, but in the meantime I … Continue reading

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Going Back

This is a re-edit of one of my earliest fall color shots from 2011. It’s a good way to announce that my efforts are *finally* available for purchase. Please visit  

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A couple of shots from different areas but both looking toward the town of Interior.  

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Back To Back Ridgebacks

I was reworking some old pics of the dogs and noticed a couple of matching poses.

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Green Valley.

It’s unusual to see so much green in the Badlands, but they had a lot of rain this year just like everywhere else.  Pop of color helps offset the flat sky.

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Just Call It Abstract

I was set up with the nodal point centered but I was angled upward about 45 deg and it’s a single row pano, so I’m guessing the edge distortion of my 14mm lens is still too much to allow this … Continue reading

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Textured Hills

Just before sunset from Sheep Table Mountain.

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Into the night.

Another version of driving into the night.  This one is lit by 2 LED panels on light stands.  

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Wierd Skies

Wildfire sky made the sky really flat this day – to the point that it looked unnatural.  It almost looks like I cut it out in Photoshop. Actually I did nothing.  This is really the way it captured.

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Badlands Sunsets

If nothing else, the smoke in the sky gave us good sunsets each night.  These are from Sheep Table Mountain – a section of the park I didn’t even know existed before this trip.

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